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New Life for Old Pieces

One of the things I really love doing: working with furniture. Picking the right pieces to suit a space is an exhilarating challenge because what goes in a room has to not only work with the design scheme and vision for the client, it has to be functional and above all else, comfortable.  My favorite projects are when clients come to me with antique or inherited pieces they want incorporated into their homes but have no idea how to make it happen. This is where great fabrics come into play: contemporary designs on timeless pieces creates fluidity between the old and the new and adds character and depth to a space.


If you have an older or inherited piece of furniture and are unsure of what to do with, keep it! Don’t pass up a great opportunity to make the classic piece of furniture your own. More often than not all a piece needs for its transformation is a slipcover or a reupholstered seat.




A prime example of what I’m talking about is this beautiful lyre-back provincial chair that was in bad need of updating. We cleaned it up and reupholstered the seat with a modern, fresh fabric from China Seas.



Here is another example of how to re-new and refresh an antique chair with a slipcover in a fun and soothing ikat fabric.




Here is a pair of old parlor chairs that we brought back to life with a variegated leopard print, trimmed with a plum tape and sunburst nail heads.



So you see, when it comes to making what’s old new again, all you need is a fearless creativity. And some really great fabrics.


Happy Fall! – Leandra

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