How do you live? What inspires you? What gives you comfort? The answers to those three simple questions are essential guides to creating interiors that are inviting, joyful, colorful. And all about you. Your vision for how you want to live. Brought to life.

Leandra’s story.

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A passion for creating exquisite, traditionally-minded spaces with unexpected touches of pattern and color.

When she was a child, Leandra found fascination in form and shape. As she grew and experienced the world around her, that fascination became a passion. Her love of form, color, and function guides her design aesthetic.

A Harvard graduate who studied architecture and design at the American University of Paris and the Boston Architectural Center, Leandra brings an energetic perspective to each project. Working with her clients to understand their lives and lifestyles, she’s able to create homes that are functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

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